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Ice World is a game that uses a Java Applet. Make sure Java Applets are enabled when you try to play Ice World. If you have an old version of Java, Ice World may not work on your web browser (I think Java 1.6.0 and up will work fine, but you may or may not be able to play Ice World with an older version). You can install a new version of Java at .

You can navigate menus and play the game using the directional arrows and the enter button on your keyboard. At any time during actually gameplay, you can hit the enter button to bring up a pause menu. Among other things, this pause menu lets you restart the current level or choose a different level. Your passcode is displayed when the pause menu is up. YOUR PASSCODE WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED AGAIN AFTER YOU SELECT "QUIT".

There is no direct way to change the music to sound effect ratio in this game. However, music uses MIDI, and sound effects use Wave. Thus, if you change the MIDI to Wave ratio on your computer's master volume, it will also change the music to sound effect ratio.

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